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    Meet Nat Wan, the celeb manager

    by zionfelix.net
    posted Friday, 18 November 2016 22:53| 0 Comments

    The odds of making it big in the Ghanaian music industry, even if an artist has an abundance of natural talent is 50/50 at best. There are just so many possible pitfalls, dishonest promoters, sneaky managers, underhanded lawyers and deceitful record executives willing to hoodwink artists/bands trying to make their dreams come true.

    With that said, most of the musicians who do make it to the limelight succeed because they have a strong, savvy and dedicated team around them. Usually this surrounding team is led by a manager who calls all the shots, has the vision and looks out in every single situation for the artists they represent.

    There’s a common saying in music that goes like this: “Team work makes the Dream Work.” This introduction best fits Nathaniel Alabi Angenu best known in the showbiz circles as Nat Wan the celebrity manager.

    Nat Wan has spearheaded most successful artists such as Ruff N Smooth, Guru, VVIP, Mzbel and many more.

    He has also taken the job offer as Managing Director of Event Factory Ghana Limited.

    His talent roster includes music video directors, video vixens, DJs, a crew of young upcoming rappers, led by the charismatic Guru, and other buzzing artists on the scene such as Ruff N Smooth, Guru, VVIP, Mzbel, Old Sodja, Nhyiraba Kojo and tp Kumawood actor Lil Win. A few of the major moves he’s orchestrated with these artists include securing a music licensing deals, touring schedules, clothing deals and product endorsement deals.

    Hailing from Nungua, Nat Wan originally wanted to be a musician himself but quickly realized that he had a knack for being the principal behind the scenes, booking gigs, managing tours and setting up lucrative deals for artists.

    His taste for showbiz also derives from his grandfather, an live band drummer who worked the music halls and played with some of the top 'back in the days' high life bands.

    Perhaps his most improbable client has been Mzbel, in whom he once took a management interest; she described him as ‘one of the best managers she has ever worked with’.

    He rarely speaks to the press and media but likes to be behind the scenes to get the works.

    The young manager is currently married to his long time lover, Fleisher and they have a handsome son.


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