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    I am not competing with Killbeatz - Kaywa

    by Flex Newspaper
    posted Monday, 17 May 2010 21:15| 0 Comments

    During Kasahari Level on Adom 106.3 FM, Kaywa one of Ghana's finest beat maker's disclosed exclusively to the host Dr. Prekese and the entire listeners that he is not in any way competing with Killbeatz or has any bad intentions or whatsoever against the young talented engineer.

    Speaking on Adom FM, he said there has been speculations going rounds for some time now especially in Tema and it's environs that he wants to do something similar to Nana Boro`s hit track "Aha Yede" which was done by Killbeatz to compete with him. Listen to Aha Yede by Nana Boroo featuring SK Blincs

    He disclosed that S.K Blinks came to his studio and wanted to record a track which had a different chorus altogether.

    In making of the track, he found out that S.K was fusing the track with the hook "Aha Yede”. Meanwhile, S.K Blinks is yet to release the track concerned, there is no beef between Killbeatz and Kaywa.

    The track I have done with S.K is even different from that of ”Aya Yede,” I should have brought it for us to have it played on air” he told Dr. Prekese.

    Kaywa continued that he has nothing against Kil;beatz and can never do so because Kilbeatz has been his boy for years."I trained him so if I had wanted to bring him down, I would have done that a long time ago.

    Even now he does the beats all right but I do the mixing and everything in my studio. So how can I have bad intentions for such a partner. Together we are all making it in Tema so I just can`t do anything like that to him” he added.

    Even recently after entertainment review on Peace FM, where the issue was being discussed that I was only trying to do something to compete with him since I know he has done a hit track for Nana Boroo and the track has become hit, Killbeatz called me immediately after the show and asked if I have heard what was going on and said I should not take it personal since it was only speculations.

    We are in good terms and have nothing against each other so it will be better if those going round with such speculations will put a stop to it. But to those who perceived I was competing with someone I have trained, it`s never true and they should forget about it” he stated.

    The sound engineer also disclosed that he cherishes Killbeatz so much because of his style and always want to contribute to his life and also see him progress. In the mean time, he said he has also spoken with the management of S.K Blinks to hold on with the track.

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