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    Music producers weep over piracy

    by Daily Guide
    posted Friday, 11 June 2010 14:23| 2 Comments

    President of the Ghana Association of Phonographic Industry (GAPI), Ken Opoku Asiedu, is wailing over the piracy of CD’s by individuals, which is gradually bringing the music industry to an unfortunate demise.

    According to him, piracy and technological advancements which make it possible for people to illegally record songs of artistes, was the major challenge currently confronting GAPI.

    GAPI, formed more than two decades ago, now has a membership of 436 people across the nation, which includes music producers and record label owners.

    Mr. Asiedu, who is the Managing Director of His Majesty Music Production, was recently elected to head GAPI for two years, after which a new election would be held to elect new national officers.

    He was speaking at a meeting in Kumasi on Monday, which was used to officially introduce the newly elected national executives of GAPI to other members of the association.

    On the way forward for GAPI, under his tenure, Mr. Asiedu noted that plans are far afoot by his administration to introduce a special security code which would be printed on CD’s to prevent people from pirating them.

    The GAPI president said his prime motive is to position the music industry in a manner such that it would be profitable and attractive for people to invest in it, as it used to be in the past.

    He promised that his administration would practice an open-door policy whereby the views and concerns of members would be taken into account, before any decision is taken.

    National General Secretary of GAPI, Kwabena Agyeman, said decorum and respect for all members would be the watch word of all GAPI members during their administration.

    He called on all members to rally their unflinching support behind the present executives to enable them carry out their ambitious and effective plans for GAPI.

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