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    Dr. Ray and Cash2 taking over

    by Accra Daily Mail
    posted Tuesday, 05 October 2010 16:54| 1 Comments

    Being creative is one of the major talents every sound engineer needs to possess.

    The 25 year Nana Yaw Nkrumah and his friend, George Bennisah, of 26 years, are the duo who are working hard to bring in new stuff to meet the standards of their music in Ghana and across its borders, owing to the quality of their sound, which is well assured.

    Globewaves Entertainment is the name of their production, and according to Nana Yaw, known as Dr. Ray, they chose the name because they hope to make it big in the next few years.

    Taking their brand of Ghanaian music international is their dream, while taking their inspiration from above, because they believe in God as the one who gives knowledge and strength in the music game.

    The collapse of the Ghana music industry is their greatest fear, due to the level they want to move the industry to, and always pray it either remains like this or improves.

    The sound 'tycoons' were operating underground until Sidney, now Barima, walked into the studio to record his Forso track, followed by Reggie Zippy, and Dadabees.

    These artistes were the first famous artists the duo worked with, after being in the industry for five years.

    Adane Best's Gyata Bi, and Reggie Zippy's Victims and Badd man were done by the two, who are currently working with Kofi Nti, Okurasini Samuel, Czar, Castro, Barosky, Akoo Nana, T-Wizzle, Richie Rich among others on their new album, which will soon be made public.

    Globewaves does all music genres; hi-life, hip-life, gospel, R&B and so on. The single boys do not only engage themselves in sound engineering, Dr. Ray is into Web and Graphic designing, as he studied it at the NIIT, and George, noted as Cash2, is an Electrical Engineer, who studied at the Emit technical Institute.

    Together they form Global Entertainment Production.

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