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    Investment club for celebrities ready to roll

    by Nii Laryea Korley, Daily Guide
    posted Monday, 23 March 2009 11:35| 0 Comments

    Falling on hard times after  moments of plenty, and sometimes wasteful spending, has been the lot of  many entertainers and celebrities in other fields but an investment club is now out to help star personalities find effective ways to put resources away for a rainy day.

    The Wise Celebrities Investment Fund Club (WCIFC), which takes off officially early next month,  has come up with what it describes as a  ‘sound, rewarding investment solution tailored specifically to suit the needs, lifestyles and income patterns of our celebrities.’

    The General Manager of WCIFC, Sebastian Buer Okutu, has met and explained the scheme to several top artistes. He told Showbiz  entertainers are among the people they are vigorously trying to sign into the investment scheme because they often tend to lose their fame with their fortune.

    “Artistes make big hits  and rake in a lot of money for a couple of years but if more hits don’t come along and the applause ceases, many of them begin to suffer hardship. That’s because they did not invest their money when the going was good.”

    The WCIFC offers fully-fledged investment options for celebrities irrespective of their earnings. It is a regular monthly savings scheme that mobilizes funds for optimal yield. Funds mobilized are invested in stocks, bonds, money and commodity markets and other areas to guarantee an appreciable annual minimum interest rate.

    Okutu said apart from musicians, the WCIFC is also bringing on board  actors and actresses, fashion designers, models ,radio and television personalities, journalists and sports personnel.

    “They are people we celebrate by virtue of what they are or what they do. Many of them hardly invest at the peak of their careers and some become miserable in the end. Our desire is to offer sound advise and invest ment opportunities  to curtail such situations.That’s why our slogan is: A Better Tomorrow Than the Good Old Days.”

    The different categories of investment with the WCIFC are: Super, Star,  Smart and Safe. According to Okutu, invested funds have a specific maturity period and  there are several benefits to be derived from being part of the scheme.

    “We have pre-finance packages for members who want to acquire certain items or meet some urgent personal and family needs. There will be free expert advice on cash management and we would also organise an annual red carpet dinner for members. There is a long-term plan to build a celebrity village for members and generally an opportunity to live as celebrities all their lives.”

    He stated that in addition to regular career progress tips,  a personalized online account exists for members to check their investments at any time wherever they are.

    “We are off and running from early next month and we hope to make a difference in the lives of  our celebrities,” Okutu added.

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