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    DJ Abio’s marriage on rocks

    by Eugene Osafo-Nkansah, Weekly Fllya
    posted Thursday, 04 June 2009 08:13| 0 Comments
    It was all rosy March 2008 as friends and loved ones joined popular radio presenter, Stanley Nyame aka DJ Abio and Seediana Jehu-Appiah join hands in marriage in a much-publicized engagement ceremony - but after barely a year, reports indicate that DJ Abio and wife are currently separated.

    From Weekly Fylla investigations, Seediana, a former presenter of Channel R has gone back to her father’s house at Mataheko whiles DJ Abio still resides at his Tesano residence. A source close to the couple who spoke to the paper on condition of anonymity said that, ever since DJ Abio started dating Seediana, he felt in secured.

    The source also revealed that Abio is very possessive and entertained the fear that the beautiful Seediana will leave him for some one else. He quickly arranged to perform the engagement ceremony to ward off any other suitors.  He is said to have always picked a quarrel with any guy who came close to his wife.

    In a chat with DJ Abio via phone, he confirmed that his wife is presently not staying with him at his residence. He said that his wife is currently staying with her parents for a short period which doesn’t mean they are separated. He admitted that there was a little misunderstanding like it happens in any other marriage but everything is fine between them except that they leave separately for now.

    Asked why he is not staying with his wife, Abio said it was for personal reasons but also maintained that whatever is happening in his marriage is nothing serious or beyond his control. “Everything is under control,” he added. Abio said his wife still performs her duties as a wife and according to him, they see each other almost everyday.

    When Weekly Fylla spoke to her former colleagues at Channel ‘R’, they said they also heard that Abio and their friend have separated and according to them, when they asked DJ Abio, he told them that he has broken up with Seediana.

    When Weekly Fylla reached Seediana to inquire about her marriage to DJ Abio, she laughed and said their marriage has been over long ago. The Seediana did not mince words with the fact that she is no more with the “Abodwese” presenter. She said there is nothing to hide anymore and confirmed that she’s been living with her parents for several months now. “It’s been over three months since I last saw Abio. For my parents, they have not set their eyes on Abio for over a year,” she stated.

    Asked what led to their break up, she said “Well, I can tell you that there is a break up. Why don’t you ask Abio himself’ I’m sure he will be the best person to give you the reason why we broke up?” When she was referred to Abio’s statement that they are still married and that, it was not true they have broken up, Seediana asked “Why did he say it is not true when he knows it’s true? He should call the spade a spade and stop beating about the bush. He told the media about our marriage so he should go on and tell them about our split.”

    She is presently pursuing a sandwich course at IPMC after which she will continue her University course at Zenith College. She said that, there’s no man in her life for now because she wants to concentrate on her education, she’s not ready for any relationship. Though she confessed to the emotional trauma of her walking out of her marriage, Seediana said she has gotten over it as though she was never married. “All things work together for good, there is a reason for everything and in all things give thanks to God. I have moved on and life goes on,” she said. This reporter asked: So are you not going back to your matrimonial home? She answered, “I don’t think so because am in my house and Abio knows why I am in my mum’s house, ask him.”              

    The couple, who got married in March 2008, was expected to perform their wedding ceremony to complement their initial engagement come December. “We have not completed the whole marriage process. We just had an engagement and we are yet to have the wedding,” the Channel R ace presenter said. Asked if they will go ahead with the wedding in December to complete the process, Abio said the probability is 50-50.

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