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    Lynx Entertainment - Can they survive?

    by Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, Weekly Fylla
    posted Tuesday, 23 June 2009 09:30| 4 Comments

    First, it was ‘You know the name, right,” and now we have “It’s a hit, man.” That is the signature tune of beat maker, Richard Mensah aka Richie, a formidable force behind Lynx Entertainment.

    Unlike the cacophony that greeted Kwaw Kesse’s Madtime Entertainment winning the record label of the year in GMA, Lynx’s annexation of the same award was heavily endorsed by all music connoisseurs; at least nobody raised any eyebrow.

    Lynx Entertainment’s track record seems impeccable and has indeed brought some vibrancy into the Ghana music industry.

    With Richie’s beat flying everywhere and ASEM featuring on almost every hit track, Lynx is undoubtedly on top of their game. The label seems well-structured like the defunct Megastar Label and it also has on its roster, quality artistes like Slip Music did in 1999-2000.

    Lynx Entertainment stands tall as a quintessential record label and their operations points to the fact that, they mean business. Lynx is virtually ruling the airwaves with their sound, they are invading the television screens with their music videos, their music pervades personal computers and mobile phones – and they are lending their brand to many others.

    From hindsight, the label seems well organized; they have a good marketing team, a sound financial group, good management and distribution wing but the questions that lingers are; can they survive the rigours of our disjointed industry? How long can they stay on top? How long can they stick together as a team?

    Lynx Entertainment is the hobbyhorse of young, quick-thinking individuals who have a good understanding and appreciation of music and business. Richard Mensah (Richie) is the Chief Executive Officer, and his brother Albert Mensah occupies the General Manager role. Albert also manages the star attractions of the label, Richie and ASEM.

    Their mother, affectionately called Mummy, takes charge of the Label’s finances and distribution for the label is handled by Abraham Ohene-Djan’s Ohene Media, which has a good record of promulgating the likes of Tinny and Tic Tac into the limelight.

    Lynx has on its line-up, Richie, whose production skills is comparable to the combination of Kanye West, Polow Da Don and David Banner – and also commands a such a silky voice  that gets the ladies squealing with excitement. It has the ever-buoyant ASEM with sublime writing skills, the sultry Irene Logan, who has enjoyed massive acclaim on her ASEM-penned single ‘Runaway’ which is yet to be released and a music video yet to be shot.

    The label also boasts of OJ Black, another burgeoning artiste whose single ‘Chale wote’ is enjoying much spins on radio. The label is also set to introduce their new signing, Eazzy.

    The label is also said to have a built a new dance studio and has plans of introducing more artistes into their stable. All seems rosy for the label and its artistes but with the issues confronting the industry, their survivability is of concern.

    Music from Lynx has been the most downloaded tunes in Ghana, but they have nothing to show for.  In a music business world where artistes are now generating revenue from downloads, the system in Ghana deprives the artistes from getting their daily bread and Lynx feels the pinch.

    The likes of Megastar, Slip, Precise, Agiecoat Abib Record co. all crumbled under the weight of piracy, under the force of payola, royalties, bickering over wages and in an era where patronage of albums is on high-time low, can Lynx Entertainment survive?

    With a good strategy and well-structured organization, maybe they will.

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