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    Respect the DJs

    by Ahmed Sali
    posted Friday, 10 July 2009 11:26| 0 Comments

    The CEO of Soundcheck Entertainment, DJ Lexis, has charged the music industry to remember the contribution of the DJs in the industry and accord them the necessary respect.

    He said DJs are very vital elements in the music and entertainment industry. This, he says, makes them big stars who deserve more spotlight than they receive now but he feels the time is ripe for the DJs to take back their rightful spot.

    The success of most events which are not played with live instruments basically rides on the DJ’s skills to deliver good music on point, and get the crowd dancing back to back, but they are never captured in the spotlight as headliners of any event of any sort, this shouldn’t be so because upon careful consideration, one would realize that artistes and live music performers get tired early and the crowd are always left with a DJ to carry on, in this case, if he is not able to live up to expectation, then the show goes down.

    Gone are the days when DJs are held up high and they always live up to their status. In the 80s to the late 90s, names of mobile DJs and ‘spinning’ groups are all that everybody wants to hear in order to make up their mind to attend a music concert which was then known as “Dance”, “Poree” or “jams”.

    Big names like Harry Lord, KKD, DJ Lexis, DJ Woodman and a few others were driving music industry with their skills even during times when there were no private radio stations as there are today, but these fine gentlemen went all out and contributed their quota to the music industry and gain all the respect even beyond the borders of this country, a very typical example is KKD and Azigiza Junior, who won the best African DJs on several occasion more than a decade ago.

    DJ Lexis made these comments in response to a question posed to him by this reporter at an event in Bolga dubbed “Soundcheck Bolga” which happens to be a follow up show to a similar one that happened in WA about few days before, also titled “Soundcheck WA”.

    When asked what the idea of is all about, he explained that it is a concept which sorts to take music to the people in their communities. The real title of the event is “Soundcheck on Tour” which intends to assume a sub name of the city or community it visits, example, “Soundcheck WA”, “Soundcheck Bolga” or “Soundcheck Accra”

    The “Soundcheck on Tour” is powered by ‘SoundCheck Entertainment’ and supported by P L A S (Pro-Lighting and Sounds). DJs headlining the current show are DJ Mario, DJ Mike, DJ gunshot and DJ Wayfricks. The caravan makes its next stop at Koforidua and Ho.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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