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    Bradez speak about the music industry

    by edmunasakyi.blogspot.com
    posted Tuesday, 11 September 2012 20:52| 1 Comments

    The matter of how much is charged for an artiste’s performance has been topical all over the world.

    And especially in Ghana, there have been various speculations on the amounts Ghanaian artistes charge for their performances. Owing to this, inspirational rap group and only rap group in Ghana made up of blood brothers, Bradez, has debunked views that Ghanaian musicians charge too much for performances.

    To Bradez, a lot go into music production and promotion. In that respect, musicians should be given what is adequate for their performances and investment.

    It is, however, to this effect that the group, which is made up of Kwaku Nsiah- Boamah (Flow King-Stone) and Kwaku Nsiah Amankwah (Kunta Kinte) recently released a music video on YouTube titled “SIKA” (L’ARGENT).

    This music video seeks to clarify life in the eyes of the musician. And this involves becoming a musician, and ensuring its success in the music industry as well as maintaining this success financially.

    Speaking of success, however, Flow King-Stone, the elder of the group, disclosed money as the pivot of matters in the music industry in that even after producing music, money is what enables the artiste to produce another song for the fans to use it for their own gratification. But little do others know about how much money involved in making production possible.

    On this, Stone states the hassle of making payment to each party involved in producing music to making it reach the listener with an estimate of 17000 Ghana Cedis aside what is even given to radio presenters.

    Then the matter of hit making comes in the situation whereby the artiste is left with the condition of either accruing profit or having loss from the music in which huge amount of monies had been invested.

    But Bradez, as they have always maintained their grounds in the music industry, says it is always ready to give Ghanaians the best.

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