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    Over the Bless The Mic

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 28 July 2009 10:19| 0 Comments

    More than just another weekly event, Bless The Mic (BTM) provides a consistent avenue for emerging and established artists to share their talents, hone their skills, and network with industry professionals.


    Each Thursday night finds the streets of Osu alive with an eclectic mix of spoken word artists, singers, musicians, and mcs, each sharing their artistry before a supportive and ever-growing local and international audience (an average capacity of about 200 guests each Thursday night).

    BTM has seen performances from some of Ghana's top artists, as well as many of the entertainment industry's best kept secrets. All rappers, musicians, poets, song writers, comedians, engineers, producers and even A&R's of all kinds are encouraged to promote their works and share their talents at this popular event.

    Bless The Mic is a fusion of traditional music, hip-hop, reggae, spoken word, acoustic guitar music, stand up comedy, rap, poetry, DJ mixes and live band performances.

    The event consists of the following segments and themes;

    1.    Spoken Word: Poets and spoken word artists express their thoughts through this opening segment.

    Hip-hop Music:  also referred to as rap music, is a music genre typically consisting of a   rhythmic vocal style called rap which is accompanied with backing beats.


    Rapping, also referred to as MCing or emceeing, is a vocal style in which the performer speaks rhythmically and in rhyme, generally to a beat. Beats are traditionally generated from portions of other songs by a DJ, or sampled from portions of other songs by a producer, though synthesizers, drum machines, and live bands are also used.

    Story line: This theme is about an artist using words and rhymes to form a story during performance.

    Bag of Props: This is another theme where the artist freestyles with words picked from a bowl simultaneously by the host.

    Freestyle/Battle: Rappers may perform poetry which they have written ahead of time, or improvise rhymes on the spot with or without a beat. A one on one rap battle between two MCs (artists).

    Beats & Rhymes: this themed segments showcases local producers to promote their works by providing beats/instrumentals for artists to freestyle with during the show.

    DJ: The Disc jockey (dj) plays and controls the music prior to and during performances by artists. Though rap is usually an integral component of hip hop music, DJs sometimes  performs and record alone, and many instrumental acts are also defined as hip hop.

    Traditional Music: A traditional music group or individual performs with traditional instruments.

    Reggae Music: Is a music genre consisting of different categories such as dancehall, ska, lover’s rock, rub a dub, conscious and roots melodies. It’s supported by a heavy bass style with backing vocals which is accompanied with backing instrumentals.

    Freestyle/Toe-2-Toe: Dancehall dj/artist may perform songs which they have written ahead of time, or improvise rhymes on the spot with or without a beat. A one on one chant battle between two dj’s (artists).

    2.    Unsigned Hype: This open mic segment is a platform for any guest or artist to express themselves, whether it being comedy, music, dancing, theater or anything creative. This segment consists of two parts.

    Amateur: Discovered or new talents that have been approved prior to auditions are giving the opportunity to perform for the first time.

    Opening Act: Existing but maturing artists performs two songs each before the main headliner artist’s session begins. 

    3.    Headliner:
    This segment consists of a minimum of twenty (20) minutes performances by the headliner (main) artists scheduled for the night.

    4.    Host: The host/mc controls and run’s the event programming such as introducing artist, reading announcements and hyping up the crowd.


    These Segments vary depending on the theme of the night. The weekly night show is based on the above segments and themes.


    The target audience consists of artists, middle or upper working class, Ghanaian residents, university students, tourists, and entertainment industry professionals.

    For further information please contact The Creative Director, Papa Yaw Addo-Boateng on
    233 24 328 1333. Producer/Coordinator Joel Amponsah 0243382795 or email address annan.papa@gmail.com / joamp@eil.com.gh / miprimentertainment@gmail.com.

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