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    Engineers copy my style - Killbeatz

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 04 September 2009 11:43| 0 Comments

    Joseph Addison known as Killbeatz had the passion for music at a tender age and comes from a family of musicians.

    "I started as a pianist in my church choir in Tema. I got my engineering antics from I-3 studios in Tema way back in 1999. My first track was for a rap group in my neighbourhood called Camp Yard now R2Bees some years ago. My first hit was when I recorded Chemphe’s first single “No Pampanaa” in 2004", Killzbeatz said.

    Twenty four year old Killbeatz has worked with lots of local and international artistes which include R2Bees, Konfi, Chemphe, Sarkodie, Okra Tom Dawidi, Praye, Blaq Sam, 2ga, Ghetto Mike (Togo), Anderson (Canada), Emeka (Nigeria) and the list goes on and on.

    I do all kinds of beats but I will describe mine as 'Afro pop' beat. For a while now, I realised the music scene was moving in one direction and we needed a change. So I played "I Dey Mad" beat for R2bees and "Baby" for Sarkodie and now most engineers want to sound like Killbeatz, but I want to urge them to be creative enough, Killbeatz blows his trumpet there.

    As at now he has changed his trend and you can see that from the new single from R2Bees featuring Sarkodie titled Tema and another one from Praye which would be released soon. Currently he is working on his compilation which features S.K Blinks, Borrow, Yaw Siki, Vybez, Stoneboy, Kasapa, Stay Jay, Gemini, Ruff n Smooth and Phanta-C.

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