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    Ayisoba needs prayers

    by News-One
    posted Monday, 11 March 2013 23:06| 0 Comments

    Traditional Ghanaian musician King Ayisoba has told NEWS-ONE he needs the prayers of Ghanaians as he embarks on a music tour of 19 European countries.

    Nothing can be successful without the hand of God and I call on all my fans and on all Ghanaians to pray for me as I go on this tour.

    On March 19, I would leave to Russia to perform at a music festival in Russia on March 19 then I would return to Ghana and return to Belgium on April 28 also for a music performance.

    From there I would move to France and then Amsterdam for performances.

    The arrangement is that my full bandsmen would meet me in Amsterdam so we have a music tour of Europe.

    I like to design myself in a unique way. My hair is my style. Many people have dreadlocks but not my type of dreadlocks. My hair is in nine strands in all.

    I divide them into three groups and each group has three strands so in all they make nine strands.

    I believe a man is in three parts; spirit, soul and body that is why I do my hair that way.

    The whites like my music because I am original and I do not do the type of music they do.

    Also because I play live band and do not use any computer to make sounds.

    When you listen to my songs, every instrument you hear in it was actually played live by an instrumentalist. I use horns and traditional dancers.

    But I believe my strength is in my voice. When you talk about a musician with a natural powerful voice in Ghana, you cannot leave out King Ayisoba.

    I am number one, no one has my voice.  Europe likes my voice.

    Oh yes. I believe Ghana appreciates me. My song ‘I want To See My Father’ won the Most Popular Song of the Year, Traditional Song of the Year, Discovery of the Year and I have also won other awards in Ghana.

    I have represented Ghana in other awards so I believe Ghana appreciates me.

    This is my third album and the title is ‘Don’t Do the Bad Thing’.

    It talks about the love of money and how people can do all sorts of bad things just to get money.

    I like money; you like money and I know everybody likes money but we should not try to get money in such a way that would make people suffer.

    Some kill for money, others gossip for money, others cheat for money but I am saying we should not use bad ways to make money.

    Message To Fans. I would say thank you to my friend and ask them to keep on praying for me because I have big dreams for them.

    I have very big dreams of raising Ghana’s music to a very high level and I need their prayers and support.

    I thank them for all what they have done for me. God bless them.

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