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    Ruff-N-Smooth premieres new music video

    by Ebenezer Narh Affum
    posted Wednesday, 13 March 2013 10:00| 1 Comments

    March 2nd, 2013 will be one memorable day in the minds of all those who thronged CLUB INVASION to witness the premiering of Ruff n Smooth's new ''Dance for me '' music video.

    On the said night, Ruff n Smooth performed almost all of their hit tracks for their fans and to put the icing on the cake, publicly showed the 'Dance for me '' music video for the very first time.

    After each performance, the fans yearned for more  and Ruff-N-Smooth, ever willing to show great love to their fans also dished out their hit songs one by one.

    Ruff n Smooth's performance gave credence to the fact  that they are a duo that command so much respect, popularity and appeal on the Ghana music scene. You simply can't do without them.

    Preceding Ruff n Smooth performance, so many artistes took turns to entertain the crowd.

    Artistes like Stonebwoy, D2, Stay Jay, Nana Boroo, Chris Waddle, Bohyeba, Keche and a whole of others showed massive support to Ruff n Smooth as they took to the microphone to perform to the crowd and also commended Ruff n Smooth for their impact on the music scene.

    One observation that I made, which proves that Ruff n Smooth is a duo that has matured over the years and has attained international status, is the fact that right after the performance of Sakordie, they came on stage and still had great control over the crowd and got the crowd dancing and singing along.

    Many were  those who thought that after Sarkodie's performance, the crowd would be satisfied and probably wouldn't pay attention to Ruff n Smooth's performance.

    The night with Ruff n Smooth as they premiered their new music video was very successful as the likes of celebrities and great media personalities like Bola Ray, Giovanni, DJ Flexy, Davido, Chase, DJ Mic Smith, D Cryme, DJ Advicer, Andy Dosty and a whole lot of others graced the occasion.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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