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    E-Fine drops new tune

    by QuintaPerez
    posted Friday, 15 March 2013 16:36| 0 Comments

    Public expectancy was escalated when word on the streets had it that the acclaimed best duet of the year ‘Down For Whatever’ by EFINE featuring award winning radio personality Joel Orleans aka J.O.E.L. of Y FM Ghana was being released on Thursday the 14th of March, but waters have been muddied as the hit has been withheld by Bysson Company.

    Bysson Company which doubles as a record label and events production firm located in East Legon has been on the quiet for sometime now in the Ghanaian music industry whiles emitting very good productions.

    ‘Down For Whatever’ as the title goes is a song that beat the imagination of the CEO of Bysson Company and this proceeded into the proposal of a management deal, which was already initiated by Bysson Company to sign EFINE on to the label.

    Terms and conditions were debated and the conclusion transformed into a minor disagreement.

    EFINE the ‘Stamina’ proposed some terms which were quite ‘outrageous’ in nature to Bysson Company. EFINE as an international artist who just returned from a tour in South Africa amidst collaborations with Ice Prince, J Town, R2bees, Kas, Sarkodie etc requested for a car and a plush apartment aside the signing fee, which is contrary to the usual initial provisions of most Ghanaian ‘labels’.

    Contrary to initial agreements between Bysson Company and EFINE to record all songs for free under the label, the company is now purporting to withhold the song from commercial release since there is a backfire in proceedings. This same problem erupted from the EFINE-DON JAZZY deal, which ended on rocks after much controversy and interruption from DBanj.

    Is EFINE being an Oliver Twist or is he just refusing to be considerate of reality? Fans should keep the candle still lit in the wind for the outcome of this controversy.


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