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    Okyeame Kwame makes his history with 2nd Songwriter of the Year award

    by Buzz GH
    posted Tuesday, 14 May 2013 07:40| 0 Comments

    The “rap dacta” Okyeame Kwame, over the weekend earned a well deserved place in Ghanaian music history as the most celebrated songwriter in the business as he became the only artiste/songwriter to pick up the “Best Songwriter” award  twice in 2 years at the Vodafone Ghana Music awards.

    The rapper won the award for his work on his hit single “Sika” which also featured vocal contribution from 2011 Best Male Vocalist, Kesse.

    Undoubtedly a well deserved honor, Okyeame Kwame has consistently wowed music lovers and industry critics alike with his penchant for thought provoking yet delightful lyrics touching on a myriad of subject matters; whether   describing the hardships of life and the need for faith in oneself in “Woso” or singing the praises of his lover in “Faithful”, Okyeame Kwame has consistently set the standards for composing the just the right lyrical content for his music.

    A clear demonstration of his lyrical dexterity and songwriting abilities is found in his latest effort, “Woara”.  The hit ballad featuring female songbird, Raquel, has been described by many entertainment bloggers as “an attention grabbing duet”.

    In the opening lines of the rap dacta’s second verse on the song, he asks, “What is love? Is it natures trick to ensure continuity? //What is love? Is it a hidden trick that will build my insanity? // what is love? Is it an actor’s skill that evokes little reality?”

    Even the usually critical industry pundits, have described “Woara” as “a love song that has lyrics rich in poetic language that makes use of a lot of pun and symbolism to tell a never-to-be-forgotten love story“.

    The accompanying video for the song has also received wide acclaim for a simplistic yet edgy concept that is well executed with very impressive cinematography.

    Indeed “Woara” is another one of the rap dacta’s masterpiece compositions which may have well garnered him another “Best Songwriter” nomination in next year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards had it not been for the fact that it was on the same album which has been nominated for the album of the year.

    Can he outdo himself next year with another song to win the songwriter of the year again? Congratulations for winning the award.

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