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    Who is Stonebwoy saying "No Sir" to?

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 12 May 2013 12:14| 0 Comments

    It's May 2013 and Stonebwoy Burniton hasn't stopped writing, recording and performing since his Pull Up single was released on Christmas Day 2012.

    Contrary to suggestions during various interviews and articles that "Stonebwoy has issues with some other artists on the Ghana music industry", Stonebwoy has taken time to write a song from a place that many other artists will be able to relate, both in Ghana, West Africa or across the world and to address the suggestions.

    "No Sir" is a response you will usually hear from a Caribbean when they strongly reject the statement or question.

    Stonebwoy who is the first artist to carry the now popular term for Dancehall from Africa 'Afrodancehall' talks about the wrong things that he doesn't agree with on a local and global scale.

    The first question in this song is "How come reggae and dancehall isn't getting as much attention?" He goes on to mention some names of moguls who have the power to educate in entertainment arenas and some of the trend setters like DJ Black and Reggie Rockstone.

    The personal yet global element of the song comes when he mentions about some of these artists though talented, even their family doubt it because of the struggles.

    The song goes on to talk about how you and why some artists do or don't get the opportunity to perform on large scale events and his disgust as to DJs playing and promoting foreign music for free and asking a lot from the local talents.

    On talking about the inspiration behind the song, Stonebwoy bows his head and says "I just want to share the pain that many of my friends (artists) are going through. I speak to some in Jamaica, Kenya and Zambia and the story is the same, it has to stop."

    The track has been released on 11th May to mark the day that Stonebwoy's idol Nesta Robert 'Bob' Marley left earth 32 years ago via the Wekumei Enterprises soundcloud.

    When will someone from the GHETTO get LOVE?

    With only a week to go till the 14th Ghana Music Awards rescheduled to 18th May 2013 in Accra, so many of Stonebwoy's fans have been on social media asking him what he feels about his nomination of Ghetto Love in the AfroPop category.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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