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    Mzbel goes topless on new album cover

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 29 September 2009 12:19| 0 Comments

    Several Ghanaian artistes will release their new albums soon but none will be causing the stir that Mzbel's new album is generating so far. And why is Mzbel semi nude on her album cover of "Saucy Girl"?

    And why Mzbel is also is getting so much attention. Surely it can't be because she appeared at last week’s Saturday Miss Ghana 2009 beauty pageant finals? No. It's the album cover. She's topless on it and has ‘capped her boobs’. Listen to Sexy Thing by Mzbel feat. Quata

    Mzbel sexiness is a definite selling point. Just the hint of the word ‘sexiness’ gets you noticed. Actually being sexy produces double takes, intense interest, and controversy.

    The cover comes in two versions; one in plain grayscale and another one which is very colorful.

    We all know that Mzbel is one of the hottest hiplife babes ever to have come out in the music industry in 2000 and she is known for her unique singing/rapping voice and awesome sex appeal whether she gets on stage or while she grinds her sexy body in her music videos, but are you prepared to see a more daring Mzbel with her album.

    The new album is speculated to have Quata and has three hot videos from the top video directors - Abraham Ohene Djan (OM Studios), Phamous People and Stip (Solid Multimedia).

    If this album cover and article is starting to make you all horny, wait ‘till you see the rest of the jaw-dropping images and music videos on Ghana Music.com soon.


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