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    Bandana spends 20 million old Ghana cedis in voting and loses to Kaakie @ VGMA

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 19 May 2013 18:06| 0 Comments

    Dancehall artiste, Bandana is at it again after taking lyrical shots at IWAN, Samini and the BASS Award organizers.

    Information reaching Ghana Music.com that the SM4 Lyf CEO, Bandana aka Shatta Wale spent 2000 GHC (20 Million old Ghana cedis) in voting at the 14th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards so that he could win the  Reggae Dance Hall Song of the Year award which he was up against Blakk Rasta, Eazzy, Knii Lante and Samini.

    But the public rather decided to give the award to Kaakie and that was when Bandana descended heavily on Kaakie and Charter House on the social media.

    “F**k khakie who [can't] even write her own music...I know how they did this...but trus mi we kno how to handle dis”, he tweeted.

    “F**k Ghana music industry, F**k charter house and I mean this from my heart .i don't need them in any way ..big up to all Shatta wale fans”, he went on.

    “F**king hypocrites,liars,sons and daughters of satan,I hope they sleep and don't wake up.. Charter hose should used for a public toilet .....I don't need any award in Gh or any nomination..f**k Gh music industry..” he added.

    Whiles on twitter, Bandana stormed out of the auditoruim pushing a photographer out of his way.

    Shatta City hit singer added that: “I pray all those who mis judge me here face the wrath of the almighty that has given me the talent and mankind is not appreciating. This time I will direct people to the nearest public toilet..charter house hahahaha ha..”

    Bandana bragged later that, “I don't need awards cuz I got my own money 3cars and a house ..f**k you all hates ...foolish villagers on twitter..awards my foot. Dem no have money like me ...I've award ago chop...all I want talk be say dem for no waste my time..fools. Ano chop dis money saf finish..kwasia fuor.....no much charter house go fit pay me.. My dear God,As the rain fall and thunder strikes ...I want to see all who want me fall dead by morning.Amen..if u be man try me..”.

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