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    Lousika endorses Maternal Health Channel (MHC)

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 13 June 2013 08:38| 0 Comments

    Nearly 25% of maternal deaths in Ghana are caused by backstreet abortions even though abortions are legal under specified conditions like rape, incest or psychological distress.

    Ghana therefore remains off-target for achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals with over 4,000 women dying each year from giving birth through various complications and a further 200,000 being maimed or disabled from the same complications.

    In view of this, Christelle Akua Sika Amankona, popularly known as Lousika has joined up with the Maternal Health Channel to send special messages to Ghanaians, especially young women and the youth to help reduce maternal deaths and promote improved health care services for all.

    The Maternal Health Channel (MHC) is produced by Creative Storm Networks and shows on GTV on Thursdays at 8pm and on TV3 Fridays at 8.30pm.

    The multi- media project is also broadcast on several radio stations, Joy 99.7fm and Radio XYZ 93.1 Over the last few months, MHC has broadened the national health debate and got people talking about critical health issues. That is where Lousika’s popularity and powerful creative energy becomes significant.

    “LOUSIKA is passionate about promoting maternal health and this passion compels me to take a stand and help raise awareness about this issue”, she said.

    On unwanted pregnancies, Lousika’s slogan is ‘Be smart and get protected!’

    Being smart means seeking information on the right contraception for you, not being discouraged or bamboozled by anyone and getting protected.  “If you want to abstain from sex, cool otherwise be smart, get protected”.

    Lousika is currently in the studio working on a new version of "Take Over", her popular hit song for the maternal health campaign. She encourages young people to "Take Over" the decisions that affect their reproductive health, BE SMART and GET PROTECTED.

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