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    I’m not that bad - Mzbel

    by Graphic Showbiz
    posted Thursday, 08 October 2009 15:12| 1 Comments

    Anytime, Ghanaian hiplife sensation, Mzbel mounts the state, one thing she never fails to do is to cause a sensation; not just with her music - Her cheeky outfits on stage have always been the subject of much scrutiny by the media and the general public which often earn her very unsavoury remarks.

    One would think those remarks would sober her up but as if to taunt her critics with a ‘wo su koraa, na meye no more’ attitude, Mzbel who hasn’t performed in Ghana for close to a year now, caused a stir recently when she featured at the Miss Ghana 2009 pageant.

    She strutted, her stuff on stage in only a small black body-hugging sleeveless leather blouse, fastened tightly with a big buckled belt, over a pair of fishnet stockings. The top barely covering the cheeks of her buttocks.

    Answering a Showbiz question why it seems her middle name is ‘trouble’, the 29-year-old sexy song bird whose real name is Nana Akua Amoah said “I am not bad but controversial. You know that controversy sells. As an artiste, I have to be different from the people watching me.

    “What will I achieve if I come on stage in baggy jeans and a top? Nothing. I will be very ordinary. I have to do something that will strike people. I don’t think it is ideal to be predictable. There must always be that element of surprise which I believe remains on people’s lips for a long time.

    “My fans love what I do and wear. Those who complain are just plain hypocrites. They come to watch, enjoy and then criticize. They watch Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga among others wear such stuff and they love it so what’s wrong with a Ghanaian artiste doing same? She asked.

    According to the single mother of one, what people fail to realize is that she doesn’t wear such clothes off stage.

    “I don’t go about my everyday life in skimpy clothes. What I wear on stage are just for that purpose and nothing more”, she added.

    Throwing light on her ‘abortive’ wedding, Mzbel said she didn’t want to get married anymore. “I am not keen on getting married anymore. I am happy with my life right now. People frustrated my ex-fiancé with so many stories that he chickened out and vanished without a trace. I was devastated then but I am extremely happy now.

    “I am in a new relationship but I am keeping it out of the public eye. My new man is very special. I don’t want to get married. I love my job and love my new boyfriend. He is loving and very supportive of what I do. We have been together for the past eight months and I am smitten with him. He is very sweet.

    Touching on Saucy Girl, her new release, Mzbel said the 10 track album which is her fourth is different from her previous ones. “it is not the usual Mzbel stuff but it is still me and I hope people will get used to it. It is a mixture of everything – rock, techno, pop, crunk among others. Saucy Girl has 10 songs with seven sang in English. I intend to reach beyond the borders of Ghana.

    According to her, the new album which is under her Colors Concept label will be releaseg in two weeks. There will be a corporate launch on December 3 at Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre. “Some of the songs on the album are Run Away, Saucy Girl, U don’t Turn me On, Baby Turn Me On and To Be loved. It features artistes like Quata and Chemphe.”

    Her other three albums are Awoso Me, 16 years and Kiss Me which people usually refer to as Edey Be. Mzbel is currently reading Multi Media Studies at NIIT. “I want to set up a multi-media outfit. I have had some hands on experience at Metro TV, TV3 and Apex advertising but I need to boost it up with formal training if I want to set up my own company”.


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