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    Beef with IWAN, Samini was part of the game - Shatta Wale

    by Nii Ogbamey Tetteh, News One
    posted Tuesday, 23 July 2013 12:12| 0 Comments

    Bandana, leader of the most talked about ‘Shatta Movement’ claims that the beef between himself and some other Ghanaian dancehall artistes where all stunts to spice up the dancehall ‘Game’.

    Bandana ‘Shatta Wale’ who is considered the most celebrated dancehall artiste in the whole of Ghana currently maintains that he has no problem with Iwan, Stonebwoy or any other Ghanaian dancehall artiste in the industry as has been purported.

    “They are all my colleagues you know. It is just like football and we all play one team but everybody with a position her or she plays. We all have good relations. I’m cool with everybody Samini Iwan Stonebwoy, we are all like brothers and that is how we run the game,” Shatta Wale revealed on a Television interview.<

    The ‘Dancehall King’ hit maker noted that sometimes their fans compare them and that makes others believe that they are not one people but “when we meet behind closed doors, we are all one people.”

    “It is just that sometimes we have to make the game hot small and make Shatta things come out,” Bandana said.

    According to Shatta Wale, who succeeded in moving over 3,000 fans at the Accra Sports Stadium during the nominees jam of the just ended Bass Awards, Ghana has realized what kind of internal acts they have because the lyrics of the songs that are released now are really deep and people use them in their everyday life.

    Perhaps, Bandana’s utterances were just for his fans but in reality he is okay with his colleagues in the dancehall business.

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