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    Samini mimics judge in ‘Pink Sheet’ song

    by Daily Guide
    posted Tuesday, 23 July 2013 12:30| 0 Comments

    Ghana’s celebrated dance hall musician Samini has in his new song mimicked someone believed to be a judge in the on-going presidential election petition.

    In the song, ‘Pink Sheet’, Samini clears his throat before stating that: “my learned friend, I put it to you to bring the pink sheet. Let’s strike out some fake names, thank you.”

    Though Samini does not mention the name of any judge, the way he clears his throat makes him sound like a supreme court judge who Ghanaians have become very familiar with for often clearing his throat before commencing a statement.

    Perhaps the title of the song by Samini was heavily influenced by this supreme court Judge and the on-going election petition.

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