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    “Let’s draw the battle line and hammer on it” – Obrafour refers to Okyeame Kwame and Obour

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 13 October 2009 16:14| 2 Comments

    You should know the story by now, but in brief: Obrafour’s single, “Kasiebo” (announcement) which is a prelude to his new album is already causing a stir in the Ghanaian music industry. Well, Ghana Music.com has had the chance to listen to all his yet to be released 25 tracks (produced by Jam Master Jay, Kaywa and Guru) in his car which we can confirm that he is going back to the “Pae Mu Ka” days. Listen to Kasiebo by Obrafour feat. Guru

    >Now what makes this song so far above all the other battle tracks is the work that went into it, we mean the punch lines. Fans of Obrafour know he’s one of the smartest MCs in the industry today. “Am happy and overwhelmed about the response to the song but the perception surrounding the song is my problem now”, Obrafour said.

    In phone interview on Execution FM with Guru, the radio anchor also asked him that if hiplife is gonna be Ok. Would  it be Ok with the song, "Atope Jenjen"? The lyricist said this, "Ooooh, why is he doing it intentionally. When did it die that he didn’t hear of it or is it fish that is Auntie Munie’s waakye that has been eaten but music is dynamic.

    After hearing that line, one is set to conclude it clearly referring to Obour’s new joint – “Atope Jenjen”.

    Okyeame Kwame was no doubt the smartest, most talented member of Akyeame. He's also the mastermind behind 5 classic albums with the Akyeame group according to media reports.

    Okyeame has really taken offense to the slight mention of words like “The Best Rapper Alive ” and “a musician called OK” in the song.

    “Is Okyeame Kwame saying he is the best rapper alive in the Ghana or the world. Are we the best rappers dead? I remember that Ghana Music.com did a poll on hiplife lyricist in Ghana and where was Okyeame Kwame; he was below me, I was 1st and he was 7th. If we are to walk on the streets of Accra,who more will recognized quickly, he will definitely not be”, Obrafour said.

    Over the weekend on Prime Eye’s Solid Gold Countdown which airs on Radio Gold, there was a heated argument on the radio, where Okyeame Kwame and Obour demanded that Obrafour redraw the song. “I can’t tell Kwame to redraw songs from his album”, Obrafour continued.

    It’s an open forum, let’s draw the battle line and hammer on it, so am waiting for Okyeame Kwame and Obour. To Obour tell him I battle the best but its Kwame that am really surprise about, Obrafour said.

    Over the years, many of Obrafour's detractors’ protégés and even former friends have tried to knock him off of his throne by using the ultimate weapon in hiplife; rumours and diss songs. “I felt sick for a very long time and people were faking things about me but it’s now that am gonna shake the game. I have  a song called “My Praise” that I want people to listen to”, Obrafour said.

    The crafty rapper also said that “I have also heard him say that I want to make Guru popular, Obrafour is known to always exposing new talents, so what is Kwame talking about.

    Well what Ghana Music.com can say is that we noticed Obrafour poached new talents like Guru, Sarkodie, Stonebuoy, Raquel, Ghetto KB and one well established musician, Samini for the album.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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