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    Mimi does it again!

    by Ameyaw Debrah
    posted Friday, 16 October 2009 19:06| 0 Comments

    Well her vocal abilities may still remain doubtful and most analysts don’t give her a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding but Mimi Abu Andani aka Divalish has done it again. The former Big Brother Africa housemate turn singer has followed up her hot single, ‘Leave Me Alone’ with her latest titled, ‘Tattoo’. Watch Tattoo by Mimi

    And again, she got the best in the industry to put together another nice video for her good ballad attempt.

    Mimi and her Movingui Record, sure have a good strategy which could easily see the singer ride on her Big Brother Africa fame to become a household name in Africa. Unlike Bradez who chose to have a substandard music video for their hit song, ‘Simple’, Mimi understands the power of a good music video and I won’t be surprised to see or hear people singing along to ‘Tattoo’. Listen to Fa Ma Me (That Dance) by Mimi feat. Tinny

    The quite simple video portrays an unusually soft side of Mimi in very few scenes. Left alone at home, singing and relishing the touch of her lover, Mimi is seen in a seductive pose on a staircase in one scene. With flashback interactions with her man here and there, Mimi is seen in another scene, wrapped in a cloth and baring her backside for an artist to etch a tattoo on her back. The creative but yet exaggerated sparks created by the tattoo needle as it comes in contact with her skin stops at the end of the video to reveal a tattoo of the face of Mimi’s lover.

    Simple, relevant and beautiful! I say congrats to Phamous People for another good video and to Divalish, all the best!


    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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