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    MUSIGA need to censor songs and videos - Vibz

    by Ama Larbie
    posted Friday, 06 September 2013 19:43| 0 Comments

    Under every normal circumstance, a song about party should at least depict a whelming number of people having a drink up either at a poolside, beach, club, an open place or an in-house party but visuals to 'Party girl' by Vibz doesn't leave to expectation as it only displays three ladies along with the artistes, Piesie and Raz Nana of Vibz and another guy at the coco beach in the video.

    The video, which was directed by Shade Sumani and produced by Flava Music, only displays a lady walking towards the sea and later shows other two ladies holding on to a palm tree striping and showing their 'goodies' and various scenes in the video follows.

    Although I don't know their budget for this video, I expected to see at least quiet a number of party people at the beach celebrating the main character in the song with drinks and ladies dancing in the video and not to see only three ladies to match up with the artistes (Vibz and their friend) making up three men in the video.

    Music, I know is suppose to entertain, educate and attribute good messages to its listeners, but its the other way round in the Ghanaian Music Industry where what matters most to these one-time hit artistes as well as upcoming artistes and some established artistes is just to enter a studio and pay for a danceable beat that can make the youth embrace without taking notes of the impact it contents help them improve on their lives.

    The fact that we all agree music is to entertain, doesn't mean because you have money and can buy dance tunes to your lyrics so we should just embrace your songs and its visuals, forgetting there are ears listening beyond our borders.

    For once let's come together as an industry and campaign for good music since most circular music audios-visuals by a greater number Ghanaian artistes are lyrically blank and instead of educating, it's rather adding up to the high rate of indescency in communities tagged as 'modern-time-fashion'.

    Another worrying factor is the youth who in their mind-maturing stage, easily get enticed and always on their grid to practise what they hear and see around them hence the need for the Musicians Union of Ghana to wear their responsibility gowns and censor songs and videos before they are aired on various platforms for promotion.

    A typical example is the visuals to 'Party Girl' by Vibz which is full of immoral acts and what worsens matters is that it doesn't even illustrate what the content of the song talks about, simply the video is BLANK.

    Vibz, the duo artistes whose debut song, 'Calling' featured Sarkodie and 'For the ladies' was released way back 2009 and 2011 respectively were one-time hit tracks which helped them gain fame and varnished into thin air.

    Even if this video was intended to announce the rebirth of their brand, I think their management, Flava Music, should have made a good investment by planning a good concept for the 'Party Girl' video and have their celebrated even when they decide to quit music than shooting a video as blank as 'Party Girls'.

    Its high time the head of Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to set up a committee responsibile for reviewing songs of its contents and visuals before their release on radio, TV and websites for the benefits of our unborn 'musicians' generation.

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