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    Claudia K Amoako's album out now

    by Mustapha A Inusah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Sunday, 22 September 2013 12:06| 0 Comments

    This week Flex newspaper witnessed a very successful gospel music album launch by Claudia K Amoako at the Family Worship Centre, C.A.C, Sakumonor, opposite Regimanuel Estate.

    The launch brought together talented gospel musicians like Rev. Dr. Thomas Yawson, Supt. Kofi Sarpong, Stella Aba Seal, Joyce Blessing, PS. Daniel, Opiesie Esther and Ophelia Okine who came to support the fruitful launch.

    In a chat with Mr. Ben Amoako, husband of Claudia Amoako after the launch, he stated that he is very happy with the turn out of the launch and the gracious responses from the guest artistes. 'This being her third major launch, I am really happy with the whole process and all I have to say is we give thanks to God and ask fans to try and get their copies of the music soon,' he said.

    In a separate chat with Claudia Amoako who has named her album 'Se mma Mua,' she told Flex newspaper that she released her first album when she was in Europe and the second one in Ghana.

    As to whether she considers the commercial aspect of the gospel music business, she said that she might have quit gospel music if she's doing it for money. 'I don't do music because of money so I don't look at its commercial benefits, but rather for the song to serve God's purpose. When I released my first album in Europe, I was invited by a church and after my performance, I had a call from a member the next day giving testimonies to what the song has done for her. So I will say those are some of the things I look forward to and not getting money in return,' she said.

    When we asked her if she charges for performance at churches, she responded that God said he gave his gospel out to us for free, so we should also give it out for free but for the current situation, you need money to make many things fruitful.

    She explained that though she doesn't charge, she doesn't see anything wrong with a gospel artiste asking for transport for a show. Currently, her songs are making waves on the airways (Radio and TV) and she has urged gospel music fans to get a copy of the album soon.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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