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    Ayigbe Edem's alleged 'theft' is a case of a relationship gone bad – Hammer

    by Aglanu Dela Ernest, myjoyonline.com
    posted Wednesday, 04 November 2009 18:38| 2 Comments

    Edward Nana Poku Osei popularly known as Hammer of Last Two fame who is manager of hiplife musician Ayigbe Edem has exclusively told Myjoyonline.com that the allegations leveled against his 'boy', Ayigbe Edem that he has stolen a mobile phone belonging to Confidence Haugen, owner of Aphrodisiac night club are false and unfounded.

    Narrating the story to Myjoyonline.com, Hammer said, the incident took place in May this year when Ayigbe Edem and Confidence were still in an 'intimate' relationship.

    “Edem went to perform at the 'Aboakyere' Festival in the central region. She (Confidence) who was sick that day followed us to the place even though I didn't like the idea. She said she did not want Edem to chase other girls there so she will follow him.”

    “She left the said Nokia phone in her car to watch Edem perform on stage, she later reported the phone missing when Edem joined her in the car. I had to park my car after the show and we search her car several times but we couldn't find the said phone.”

    “She later said it's ok so we should forget about it.”

    When Hammer was asked the estimated price of the said phone, he said it was just a normal Nokia phone and does not see why such huge and over estimated price should be quoted as the price of the phone.

    “She was interfering with Edem and my business too much. What made things worse was that, we started receiving anonymous text messages threatening Edem's life and that if he does not end his relationship which Confidence, the worse could happen to him and his young career.”

    “I was fed up with all the life treating text messages and her (Confidence) interferences with our business so I told Edem to quit the relationship with her,” which he did.

    “One may wonder why she never spoke of her phone getting missing or stolen by Edem until now. It is because Edem called the relationship quit.”

    "She called Edem several times to beg for forgiveness and also for him to take her back. I even made Edem to record conversations between them to prove the relationship and what they discussed."

    “We are still talking to Confidence's camp and if we don't hear anything, the press conference will go on as planned.”

    The press conference he said may come on this Friday and they are yet to verify the venue and exact time.

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