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    Nacy not happy

    by News-One
    posted Thursday, 24 October 2013 18:28| 0 Comments

    One of Ghana’s most respected recording engineers and technical producers Nana Osei, better known as Nacy, has expressed regret that his No Tribe gospel group is being frequently compared, in a form of ridicule, to ‘Soul Winners’, the celebrated traditional gospel group now in crisis.

    Nacy tells NEWS-ONE he has observed this unfortunate comparison by a section of the media and finds it very distasteful.

    “I am not happy about this at all and I do not like the way it is done in the form of mockery. There is no bad blood whatsoever between No Tribe and Soul Winners. We are friends and brothers and if I do not speak about what is going on then it means I am enjoying it. I have called on the persons doing this to stop and I may be forced to mention names very soon,” Nacy says.

    He continues: “These are some of the attitudes that have killed many gospel musicians and continue to destroy us by setting us up against one another. Unfortunate comparisons, pegging one musician against the other and making it seem as though we are competing for fame rather than doing ministry work. Where from these reports that with the emergence of No Tribe, some of the Soul Winners members have abandoned the group and joined us? This is not true but even if a member of a group decides to join another group, what is wrong with it? If you do not understand what a musician or a music group is going through, it would be unfair to judge and I want to use your medium to make it known that I am not happy about the attempt to run down one gospel group and then compare them to No Tribe. It is wrong and must stop. ”

    Nacy is currently a giant in the gospel music arena. He has recorded and produced several, if not most of the award-winning gospel singers currently making waves in the country.

    His group, No Tribe, has won a tall list of enviable awards in Ghana and abroad. The Soul Winners group was thriving until its leader, Kenneth Appiah, travelled outside the country.


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