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    Keitta un-follows Eazzy on Twitter

    by enewsgh.com
    posted Tuesday, 05 November 2013 15:25| 6 Comments

    The battle lines have been drawn. It’s official! Former lovebirds Eazzy and Ketita no longer have a thing for each other.

    The two have decided to express their dislike for each other in silent yet communicative ways.

    Keitta, who on face value appeared more in love when the two were together, seems to have quickly moved on, and has gone ahead to un-follow his former miss on the Twitter, a gesture that clearly speaks for itself.

    Of his over 12,500 followers on Twitter, Keitta follows just two people, his senior brother Reggie Rockstone included. Eazzy made a third person when they were dating.

    Although both are yet to go public on the reasons responsible for their split, public opinion, especially from persons close to them, suggests it’s all over.

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