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    I’m the sexiest and best Ghanaian female artiste in Africa – Kaakie

    by myjoyonline.com
    posted Friday, 15 November 2013 19:40| 0 Comments

    I remember during my primary school days when teachers asked for a description of myself in one sentence, I fumbled. It’s usually very hard to condense all the description you could give of yourself in one sentence. Even as an adult, same thing happens when I go for interviews; and am asked to describe myself in one sentence.

    This “one sentence” description of yourself, is not the easiest of tasks. But, well, this is not the case for Kaakie.

    Over the weekend “The white carpet”, an entertainment show on JoyNews on multi TV, hosted dance hall queen Kaakie. The queen diva as popularly called when asked to describe herself in one sentence took a deep breath and without punctuations, she said; “I am the most sexiest, daring, annoying but the best Ghanaian female artiste here in Africa, the world and aiming to empower women, and very sweet”.

    Think otherwise? Well you can take a swim in the ocean but Kaakie won’t care.

    The Diva who was just describing herself in one sentence added that she can be very naughty at times. Who would think the daring Kaakie will fear anything? Well everybody has fears and Kaakie’s biggest fear at the moment is Nigeria’s Jesse Jagz. The two have been nominated in the same category “Reggae/Dancehall” in the 2013 Channel ‘O’ awards.

    But the sexy dancehall queen assures herself and her fans; “I won’t board a plane to South Africa and come back with nothing. I’m hopeful irrespective of my competition.”

    The last time Samini was on “The White Carpet” he referred to Kaakie as his little baby, so it didn’t come as a surprise when Kaakie responded in similar fashion, when asked who Samini meant to her, that: “Samini is like my father, brother and everything to me”.

    She added that the 30% of “Patwa” she speaks is by kind courtesy, Samini Meanwhile Kaakie has entreated all her fans to keep praying for her and look forward to a whole new Kaakie after the channel O awards.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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