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    I stand for peace - Sherifatu Gunu

    by citifmonline.com
    posted Tuesday, 03 December 2013 08:49| 0 Comments

    One of Ghana’s foremost contemporary traditional music icons, Sherifa Gunu, says she lives and works for peace.

    Sherifa Gunu is described by many as crowd shaker, puller and a real performer when it comes to singing and dancing. She is a princess of the royal family of Dagbon, in the Northern part of Ghana.

    In a tell-all interview on Brunch in the Citi, ahead of this year’s MOGO 2013, she revealed that her destiny is to unite the world.

    “I’m destined to call the whole world together for peace. My princess’ duty is to people. Even if I don’t have that strength I know God is leading me to that point. I was born for peace and I will do anything for peace,” she revealed.

    Sherifa Gunu is a Moslem, she’s married to a Christian and she hopes that union would spread the message of PEACE to the rest of the world.

    “Islam and Christianity is a family building thing. I don’t know why the two religions should be divided and fighting. It doesn’t make sense. If you trace the ancestry of Jesus and Mohammed, you’d know they are cousins. We have to learn how to love one another and love each other… May God bring the whole world to one vision and shame satan,” she preached.

    Sherifa Gunu is set to spread the love and the peace on Friday 6th December at the National Theatre when the whole nation converges to enjoy quality music of Ghanaian origin.

    The MOGO concert seeks to ‘celebrate the past and inspire the future.’ Other musicians billed to perform on the night include K.K. Fosu, Okyeame Kwame, Kwaisey Pee, Awurama Badu, Samuel Owusu and the Ohia Be Ye Ya Band.

    Tickets are available at Citi FM, Hotel JoeCarl in Tema and Silverbird Cinema, Accra Mall. Patrons can also reserve tickets by calling 030 222 6171.

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