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    Former VIP member Promzy Africa, turns preacher

    by News-One
    posted Saturday, 18 January 2014 22:48| 0 Comments

    Very unusual of him, rapper and singer Promzy, who has changed his name to Promzy Afrika, has now taken to doing God’s work in addition to his hiplife music.

    He has, for the past few weeks, dedicated his life to winning souls for Christ as he has been preaching the word of God to his fan base and others who care to listen.

    What is not clear is whether it is something he always does and the public was not aware of or it is a recent calling to give his life to Christ.

    But whatever it is, the tattoo-loving musician confirmed his relationship with God on facebook when he took to the platform on Monday to preach to his fan base to be steadfast in the Lord in whatever situation they found themselves.

    “What is happening in your family or how do you get out of your family mess? Is it curses, stealing, lies, fornication, adultery, alcohol, smoking, drugs, poverty, madness, pre-mature death, sickness, childlessness etc, just remember that God can turn your scars into stars because his grace is enough to see you through,” Promzy Afrika preached on the social platform.

    In December, Promzy released a song for Christians to celebrate the Christmas festivity with; that was when he started giving hints about his relationship with Christ.

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