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    "I didn't misuse Naterial's Hits Maker money"- Quick Action

    by Kwame Dadzie, flexghana.com
    posted Wednesday, 22 January 2014 14:11| 0 Comments

    It has become a hex of a sort on people who emerge winners in music reality shows not to make it to the top in their music career.

    Most winners of these reality shows have struggled to be visible after winning the contests. Season 1 winner of MTN Hits Maker Reality Show, Naterial is one artiste most entertainment pundits have said wasn't so visible after coming out of the show.

    When asked in a radio interview on Vision FM last Sunday as to whether managing Naterial had been easy or difficult, Quick Action, manager of the artiste replied in the affirmative.

    “It has been very difficult because winning a reality show in Ghana is a different thing all together. After winning, you experience societal and family pressure so you need to be tactical to work things out,” he said.He said he had done all that was needed per the contract he signed with the organizers to do a one year recording deal, feature artistes on Naterial's album and has played on all the platforms available to them by MTN.

    He added that he had received all the prize money needed to be used to manage Naterial (GHc.85, 000) and to him he had done what needed to be done even though he thought there was more to do. Quick Action, who has been managing Naterial even before he went for the Hits Maker contest, was not happy about people peddling false information that he had misused the money given him to manage Naterial.

    “There is somebody in the media saying we misused the money. I think we need to show Naterial's one year documentary for them to know whether we worked or misused the money. From Kwame Nkrumah's time we have criticized all our political leaders. We said Rawlings was not good, Kuffuor was not good, Atta Mills was not good, so let someone come do it and see if they can do better” he said.

    Meanwhile, Koo Ntakra who won the Season 2 of the MTN Hits Maker Reality Show has been signed to Bullhaus Entertainment, same company that handles Shatta Wale, Iwan and VIP.

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