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    Ghana should legalise smoking of Ganja - Eric Donaldson

    by ameyawdebrah.com
    posted Tuesday, 04 February 2014 17:25| 1 Comments

    Eric Donaldson is in Ghana for the first time for a concert dubbed ‘Big Man Dance’ to be held tonight, at the plush Mensivc Hotel in Accra for very important personalities (VIPs) as well as February 5 at the La beach, organized by Moscow 1 entertainment and powered by Ghana’s power station, Radio Gold.

    Appearing on ETV’s Late Night Celebrity Show on Friday 31st Jan, 2014 to talk about the concert, the host, Dzifa Affanie, asked Eric how he gets inspired to write his songs.

    Eric replied “well I don’t write my songs. Sometimes I get the songs and the rhythms while smoking and drinking.”

    The host followed up; do you still drink at your age? “I used to drink but stopped about 5 years ago. I used to drink Guinness a lot but stopped because I once went to urinate and nothing came out. I went to the doctor and I was told I have gall stones. Since then, I stopped drinking Guinness” Eric said.

    Shocked, Dzifa asked Eric what he smokes; “I smoke what takes people to jail. What is that? Dzifa asked. “Yes I smoke what people smoke and go to jail. I smoke ganja. Yes I smoke ganja a lot” Eric Donaldson revealed.

    Dzifa asked Eric if the smoking of ganja should be legalized and Eric said “smoking of ganja should be legalized.” Dzifa made the point that ganja is not good and so should not be legalized but Eric reiterated “ganja should be legalized.

    “It is good for some and not good for others. Some people can ride bicycles but others can’t. Some drive bicycles and crush but others don’t. Those who crush don’t have what it takes to use the bicycles. I smoke ganja. It’s good! It brings out creativity from the head” Eric said.

    Eric went further to reveal that at age 66, he’s given birth to 7 children with 5 different women. He described marriage “as a life sentence” hence, his decision of not marrying any of the women he had children with. He also said at age 66, he has many girlfriends and even currently, he is dating a 19 year old girl. Finally, Eric declared that he does not care what people say about him after his death.

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