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    I’m a satan - Kwaw Kese

    by Daily Guide
    posted Saturday, 08 March 2014 17:09| 0 Comments

    It is very rare for an individual to liken himself to the Devil but Kwaw Kese has revealed that when it comes to Hiplife he can be equated to the Satan who is known in the local parlance ‘Obunsam’.

    Kwaw, who is also known as ‘the man insane,’ made this rather intriguing revelation during the official launch of the 15th edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) Saturday night.

    “It gets to a point in life where every bad thing is attributed to Satan. I got to a point in the game where every evil finger was pointed at me and if I’m being that person, then I’m the Satan in the game,” Kwaw Kese told NEWS-ONE.

    According Kwaw, recorded his ‘Obunsam’ song with Obrafour for all of his fans who are doing good but people see them as bad.

    “We are in the part of the world where when you stand up for your right, they think you are the odd one. I think everyone was pointing fingers at me because I stood up for my right and what is right. So that song is dedicated to anyone who feels that people are seeing him the other way. Anybody who is doing good but people see it as bad, the ‘Obunsam’ track goes to them,” he said.

    Kwaw Kese’s ‘Me wo Dollar’ which featured BBnZ’s EL got nominated in the Hip-Hop Song of the Year category and he believes if his fans deem it fit, they will vote for him to win that award. Other contenders in the category are M.anifest, Sarkodie, EL and Dee Money.

    “The thing is we have the voice of the people and the people through their voices make us win awards. So if the fans say I deserve to win the award, I will be grateful for that but I’m not going to stand here and say I’m winning the award,” he added.

    Kwaw is currently is in the studio working on his upcoming album titled ‘Forever.’

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