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    Gospel musicians Diana Asamoah & Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong for court

    by News-One
    posted Sunday, 18 May 2014 12:40| 0 Comments

    Gospel musicians Diana Asamoah and Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong might be heading to court soon, according to popular Newspaper, News One. The two have been accused of copyright infringement.

    News One reports that the two sensational gospel artists Diana Asamoah and Isaiah ampong would soon find themselves in the dock as they have been accused of copyright violations.

    Veteran gospel singer Osenkafour Kwasi Anin has accused the two of reproducing portion of his music without his consent. Starting with Diana, Osenkafour Anin accused her of using his song “Edinno ne Jesus “ on her album gospel old tune Vol. 2 which was released in 2010/11 which saw massive airplay and also made a quite impressive performance on the gospel chart.

    Isiaiah Ampong on the hand has also been alleged to have used the song “Hallelujah” on his latest album.

    In an interview with the popular newspaper, Osenkafour Anin said he has made several attempts to reach their producers after realizing they had used his music without his prior notice adding all efforts to reach them have rather proven futile.

    He claims the two gospel stars popularity has soared after using his music and have also made huge chunks of monies from what his calls his divine property.

    “I have informed my lawyers to officially file a law suit against each of them and they will soon receive writ of summons and I am demanding GH 20,000 compensation from each of them because I have through thick and thin before composing these wonderful master tunes. “He remarked.

    Osenkafour Kwasi Anin has around nineteen albums to his credit and was very phenomenal in the gospel music industry during the 70’s and the early 80’s.

    Meanwhile all efforts made by the popular newspaper to reach the two suspected artists and their respective producers proved futile.

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