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    Efya and I are still friends - Irene Logan

    by Graphic Showbiz
    posted Tuesday, 01 July 2014 15:28| 0 Comments

    In spite of having one of the best musical voices in showbiz, singer, Irene Logan, has largely remained low key among her peers despite pressure from friends and fans who have kept provoking her to return strongly to active music scene.

    “The pressure from friends and my fans has been so much that many times, I have asked myself what was happening to my music career.

    On some occasions, I got depressed over why things were not working out well for me because I know I have the voice to sing”, Irene told Showbiz in an interview last week.

    “I know Ghanaians will be disappointed in me for not living up to expectation after winning the maiden edition of Stars of the Future reality show in 2006 and following up with my hit song, Run Away, in 2009, but all is not lost as I am coming out big this year”.

    Irene believes her inability to shine despite the several efforts she has made could be attributed to how many people expected her to shine like her colleague, Efya.

    She said that the comparison made her weaker because she had so much in her but could not bring them out.

    Now Irene says she is ready to come out big. “A lot has gone into my up-coming album and I believe it will put me back into the limelight. I employed the best sound engineers to work on it and I know this one will not fail”.

    To Irene nothing will prevent her from shining this year. According to her, she is hundred percent sure her 20 track album which she intends to release by the end of next month will give her big exposure.

    Asked what her next plan would be should the album not live up to expectation, Irene said she had not thought of any back-up plan because she knew the album would work in her favour.

    Irene who has worked with musicians like Asem, Okyeame Kwame, Trigmatic and Stonebwoy said she was also planning to do a collaboration album with Efya to prove to people that she and Efya are still friends.

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