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    I'm not a brand ambassador for TiGO - Jon Gemain

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 03 July 2014 14:49| 0 Comments

    R&B Crooner and Television Host, Jon Germain has lashed out at a chunk section of the media for wrongly acknowledging him as a Brand Ambassador for TiGO.

    The “In her arms” hit singer who’s also known for his dexterity when it comes to presenting is extremely unhappy at what he’s described as falsehood being spread about his brand by tagging him as a TiGO Ambassador when he hasn’t openly declared or made an official statement to that effect.

    According to him, the fact that TiGO is the title sponsor for the ‘Allo TiGO’ show which he presents on Metro TV doesn’t make him an Ambassador for the Telecommunication Company as he has no personal deal of any sort with the company.

    This assumption theory is more common in the media world where presenters of TV and Radio programmes have been hugely tagged as Face of the title sponsor of the show or program they present or host and it’s turned out to be true. However, that’s not the case with the Supremo and it appears this perception about him has gained a lot of grounds.

    Hence the need for his outburst for the second time. In an exclusive interview he granted to Showbiz Connections, Jon said, “I think it is about time people got this straight, I am not a TiGO ambassador. I just present a show that has TiGO as the title sponsor and therefore it’s not as if I personally have any deal with them that presents me with certain obligations including conflict of interest clauses or whatsoever and financial benefits”.

    This misinformation he added, has a terrible potential of blocking offers of Brand Ambassadorial roles from coming to him or any other Showbiz personality who may find himself or herself in his shoes. In a related story, when Showbiz Connections quizzed him about his recent decision to focus more on promoting his music off the shores of Ghana, Jon Germain said many of his fans outside Ghana want to see more of him and buy his albums especially the new one, “Enigma”. He further thanked the media and his diehard fans for the support he’s enjoyed so far.

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