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    Dr. Slim & Bola Ray's Empire Entertainment break up

    by Ebenezer Narh Affum, flexghana.com
    posted Thursday, 10 July 2014 14:06| 1 Comments

    Hiplife artiste, Dr. Slim became known and vibrant on the music scene with the release of the ''ole s3k3 ni woye'' hit track which generated so much controversy as Hiplife duo, Dobble claimed ownership of that same song. The controversy dragged on for some time but later on Dr. Slim and Dobble performed on various platforms together.

    I am not so sure if the controversy between Dr. Slim and Dobble was a genuine one or not but some people within the entertainment industry are of the opinion that the controversy could have been planned especially when Dr. Slim got signed onto Empire Entertainment; the same record label Dobble is also on.

    Obviously,''ole s3k3 ni woye'' received massive airplay all over the country and got nominated for the Vodafone Song of the Year, Best Collaboration of the Year as well as Hiplife Song of the Year categories of  the 14th edition of the Ghana Music Awards. Right after the success story of Dr. Slim's ''ole s3k3 ni woye'', he released ''ajormi '' (I am blessed) around June/July 2013. Unfortunately, as compared to ''ole s3k3 ni woye'', ''ajormi '' did not really do well on the music scene. It's not too clear if the promotion of the song was the problem or the song could just not break forth as a hit.

    Quite unfortunately, ever since, we have heard almost nothing about Dr. Slim. It's not too clear if he has quit music or he is on a break. It's also not certain if he is still with Empire Entertainment. In a bid to find out what could be happening so far as Dr. Slim is concerned, Flex newspaper got in touch with Empire Entertainment's Cedis.

    According to him, Dr. Slim signed a one-year contract with Empire Entertainment and noted that the contract had elapsed which technically and officially means that Dr. Slim is no more an artiste of Empire Entertainment. When your favorite and evergreen Flex Newspaper got in touch with Dr. Slim, he also confirmed that his one-year contract with Empire Entertainment expired last year.

    Dr. Slim noted that much has not been heard of him as he has been trying to rebrand himself before he announces his presence on the music scene once again. He revealed that he has finished working on his newest single ''baaye'' (come and eat) which features Bisa Kdei. The newest single would be released right after the World Cup on his own record label S3K3 Records.

    This puts into doubt, the possibility of Dr. Slim signing a new contract with Empire Entertainment anytime soon.

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