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    Missing Castro & D-Black’s go after Kingdom Herbal for intellectual property theft

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 28 September 2014 16:38| 1 Comments

    It is sad when huge corporations try to outwit and outsmart Ghanaian musicians over their intellectual property usage for their own selfish gains when the right thing could have easily been done. Kingdom Herbal Ltd. are manufacturers of numerous herbal drugs on the market including Kingdom Tremendous Capsules, Kingdom Blood Tonic, Kingdom Ginseng Power Capsules, Kingdom Koo Capsules, Kingdom Garlic Capsules, Kingdom Garlic Bitters and more is owned by wealthy businessman Jonathan Amofa, who also owns Kindgom International Hostel, Kingdom Transport and more.

    Currently authors of the most popular song in Ghana ‘Seihor’, Castro & D-Black’s intellectual property have been breached by Kingdom Herbal Ltd as the popular herbal beverage manufacturing firm have breached the intellectual property rights of Theophilus Tagoe (Castro), Desmond Blackmore (D-Black) & Patrick Sika Nartey (DJ Breezy) using the song as the theme song for the TVC (Televison Commercial) promoting their new herbal drink ‘Don Papa’ Gin Bitters without their consent.

    Calls made to the offices of Kingdom Herbal by the management team of Castro and D-Black proved futile till a visit was made by Castro’s manager and biological brother ‘Kwame Tagoe’ and D-Black’s road manager ‘Francis Clottey’.

    After reaching the director of the firm Mr. Jonathan Amofa, who promised to call and resolve the issue in a few days with them. The next day, the outfit tried to outsmart them by removing ‘Seihor’ In the edit of the tv commercial and replaced the song with a foreign one on all the tv stations airing the commercial.

    The next phone call made to him upon seeing this had him retort ‘Hey we have removed the song , what do you want from us again? You don’t have any proof’.

    Little did they know that the original advert had already been recorded.

    The tv commercial sees the use of the ‘still missing’ Castro’s song ‘Seihor’ and the duplication of the dance moves with his crew in the ‘Seihor’ music video which was recorded and produced at D-Black’s Black Avenue Muzik studios by DJ Breezy.

    Legal action is set to be taken in the coming days against Kingdom Herbal Ltd.

    Watch a clip of the television commercial here: http://youtu.be/U72Au1wjkVI

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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