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    Family is pressuring me to marry - Fresh Prince of 4x4

    by Graphic Showbiz
    posted Monday, 05 January 2015 13:49| 0 Comments

    Since Captain Planet got married in June last year, Fresh Prince, the only bachelor in the 4x4 hiplife trio says he has been contemplating marrying too but the "consistent pressure from my elder brothers is making me uneasy".

    Lead singer, Fresh Prince, told Showbiz last Monday, "sometimes I think about marriage too. Besides, it's not a bad decision to get married, but the truth is that, I'm still young and feel it's important that I concentrate on my career. I believe when the time is ripe, I will also be a ' husband," he said.

    In his early thirties, Fresh Prince, who is currently dating, acknowledged that he respects the institution of marriage and as such, he would not want to rush into it and regret the decision later.

    Fresh Prince officially joined the 4X4 group in 2008 when he was 'featured on the popular ‘Hot Girls dot com' song the previous year. He described that feeling as awesome and reward for his hard work.

    He, however disputed the perception that his later inclusion in the group has helped the group's survival till date.

"I don't even want to comment on this issue because personally, it's just a distraction from our common goal as a group. Besides, before I joined the group, 4x4 had made their name already. Yes, I may have played some important roles like being the lead singer but that is my field.

"We all have our strong points, Captain Planet does the singing, and Coded is more comfortable with the raga. I can't do what both of them do. It's teamwork, and we all play our part well to ensure that a good job is done. I don't want to glorify such sayings at all," he stated.

    The former student of Adisadel College described his journey with 4x4 as the best days of his life and a dream come true since it was a group he had always admired from afar.

He said even though the group has chalked many successes in its more than ten years of existence, they wouldn’t relent on their efforts to remain relevant on the music radar.

    Prince Tamakloe is his real name, and he is a sound engineer and songwriter.

“I believe I’m a handsome guy who feels comfortable in his skin”, was his explanation for the name, Fresh Prince when he was asked.

    He said the group is currently working hard to get more laurels in their field of endeavor and their recent songs, Baby Dance and Roses, which are receiving massive airplay, are evidence of another "new beginning".

He allayed the fears of their fans that 4X4 may follow in the path of other groups which have split up in the past.

"I have no fear that the group will split up.

    Like my senior brothers, Captain Planet always says, no one is above the group. The group's interest comes first before any other personal ambitions. We respect one another and very passionate about what we do as a group," he stated.

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