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    4x4 clinch new ambassador job with Dynamite Energy Drink

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 27 January 2015 20:17| 0 Comments

    Prestige Commodities Ghana Limited, importer and distributer of Dynamite Energy Drink, has signed on multiple award-winning hiplife group, 4×4 as Brand Ambassadors for the energy drink in Ghana.

    The signing took place at the office of Prestige Commodities Ghana Limited located at Kpone (off the Accra to Afloa Road) on Tuesday afternoon.

    According to the management of Prestige Commodities Ghana Limited, they choose 4×4 because the group represents the ideals of the energy drink: “Over the years, 4×4 has shown world class star quality above others. They have been able to produce hits, year in, year out with quality videos.

    They have been able to comport themselves for the past decade.

    They have energy and they are able to perform and entertain their fans for hours – and that is a brand that we at Prestige Commodities Ghana Limited and Dynamite Energy Drink can associate ourselves with”.

    The contract agreement will see 4×4 represent Dynamite Energy Drink as ambassadors for the next two years.

    This would include the group leading advertising campaigns andactivations for the energy drink. Without revelation the exact monetary value of the contract, the music group described the deal as a a very lucrative deal, and thanked Prestige Commodities Ghana Limited for considering them.
    They commented: “We would like to say thanks to Prestige Commodities Ghana Limited for having us as their first brand ambassadors in Ghana.

    We are really happy to be working with them and we know it will be a good deal. We have started the year on a good note with our record label, Don Jeff Records. We say the sky is the limit, we will definitely take Dynamite Energy Drink to the next level and after two years, they would want to sign us on again.”

    Dynamite Energy Drink is a carbonated fruit flavor, high octane energy containing Taurine , Caffeine, and B Group Vitamins. In addition to the essential B vitamins needed to replenish the body, it also contains caffeine. In Japan, research has shown that caffeine increases memory, detoxifies the liver, replenishes muscle glycogen, stimulates hair growth and eases depression.

    Prestige Commodities Ghana Limited is an importer and distributer of commodities such as Rice, Tomato Pastes, Energy Drinks, Pastas, Baby Foods, Soya Milks, Fruit Juices, Biscuits, Margarines, Detergents, Canned Fishes, Mayonnaise, Ketchups, Fresh Garlic, and Pop Corns on a wholesale basis.

    Prominent among itsproducts are 3 Dolphins, Caprice and Banchee Rice, TMT and Atlanta Tomato Paste, Pasta Hat Macaroni, Familia Margarine, Royce as well as Dynamite Energy Drink.

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