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    Dela Botri to teach music in Holland

    by Ernest Dela Aglanu, myjoyonline.com
    posted Tuesday, 23 February 2010 20:37| 1 Comments
    One of Ghana’s most versatile musicians and leader of the Hewale Sounds, Dela Botri is due to leave Ghana for the Hague in Holland on February 27 to teach music.

    This will not be the first time Dela Botri will be leaving the country for such a course. The last time he made such a trip was in November 2009 where he went to Espoo in Finland returning in December the same year.
    His current trip will involve two countries; Holland and Finland and he is due to leave the country February 27 and will return at the end of March.

    The first phase of the trip, starting February 27 to March 8, will be his involvement in a series of seminars, teachings and performances at The Hague, Holland and a key figure in Ghana who will also be a guest and a participant at these events is the Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) president, Diana Hopson who has already left Ghana for the event.

    Dela disclosed in an interview with Myjoyonline.com that in Holland, he will be performing at Lucien Dance Theatre with Anumadutch (a Dutch group), Amu’s Band and some choirs in Holland.

    The folk musician said he will also be teaching folk, traditional and local jazz music in some selected 8 to 7 grade schools across The Hague and also, he will be working closely with the Royal Conservatory of Music and Dance in The Hague.

    The second phase of the trip which starts from March 9 to end of March will take him to Espoo in Finland where he will be teaching and holding music workshops.

    He will also teach grade 8 to 9 students in Espoo, Helsinki and Pokka all in Finland and the Sibelius Academy where he will teach and hold workshops.

    Dela Botri is a multi-talented musician who plays Jazz, Traditional and Folk music and also plays a number of traditional instruments including the flute.

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