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    I smoke marijuana - IWAN

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Saturday, 04 April 2015 09:02| 0 Comments

    Reggae and Dancehall act, Iwan in a new social media post has revealed he doesn't do drugs but uses Marijuana.

    The Thanks and Praises singer wrote on his Facebook;

"I don't do drugs. 

I do Marijuana.

When did a Common Plant (Herb) become a Drug...educated fools.

    Cocaine is a Drug because it contains chemicals.

What chemical does Marijuana posses.

    Unless the natural THC(tetra hydro Canabinol) which aids patients even Benefit from.

    If you Hate Me because of Marijuana then you must as well Hate Bob Marley too and May be your Father, Because you would never know if he smokes Marijuana until the day you would see it for/by yourself.


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