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    #DumsorMustStop started with a Tweet - It should be more Professional - Edem

    by YFMGhana.com/Derrick Obeng Benson
    posted Wednesday, 13 May 2015 15:15| 0 Comments

    The vigil tagged "DumsorMustStop" got some celebrities warding off any interest in part-taking in it for various reasons.

    One of them who strongly disapproved of his colleagues is rap artiste Edem. In an interview with K.O.D, he voiced his opinion saying "I think that for starters, it will be hypocritical for anybody to say that they don't have concerns about the status of energy in the country but I'm of the school of thought that we as young people, when we have a reservation; our approach sometimes makes it look as if it's a bad decision and so for me, people have the right, freedom of association to be able to go on but I’m saying the approach can be different where it is formal and planned because this took off from Twitter and all the media articles of it send different signal to the various people who are various leaders in places but if it was more planned where a set of artiste were called, we sat together and we said we want to make this a landmark.”

    He stressed the need for them to have petitioned the president rather than taking it on social media; "When this started it came off as a tweet...I'm saying it has sends out wrong signals in different directions. If I'm a celebrity and I want to be part of it, I want to see a petition go out to the president".

    Finally; he asserted that "It won't spoil anything for another pressure group to lobby, that's all I'm saying. People have freedom of association. They can go out and do whatever they want to do but I'm saying that to high level and regards for all of us as celebrities...If we want to do it, we should do it in a way which is very professional so the elderly will respect us more. I'm not taking wing from Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie who have taken off. I still think people have their right."

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