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    I can’t leave VVIP and go join 4x4 - Reggie Rockstone

    by YFMGhana.com/abdullai isshak
    posted Thursday, 14 May 2015 10:22| 0 Comments

    Reggie Rockstone in a latest interview on Storm FM has revealed he is okay with his new situation with Zeal and Prodigal of VVIP.

    The grandpapa of Hiplife made it known the group was doing well and he had no plans of leaving.

    ”I joined VVIP about a year now and things have been great since I joined. We won awards and released good music and released videos.”

    Answering a question on whether he has regretted joining the group, the Selfie rapper said; “At this age you want me to leave VVIP and go join 4x4? We have done all the things they are doing now.”

    Talking about dealing with his new group members, Reggie said; “They are my friends and I brought Hiplife and I’m their senior brother but what we all share in common is the music. I brought new flavor and experience to the group. It’s God’s work”.

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