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    Musicians condemn Blakk Rasta

    by George Clifford Owusu, Daily Guide
    posted Wednesday, 14 January 2009 11:59| 0 Comments

    Photo: Daily GuideA section of Ghanaian musicians have condemned an Accra radio presenter, Blakk Rasta of Hitz Radio for supposedly giving out false information that the former general secretary of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Nana Kwame Ampadu was sacked from the union because he associated himself with the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

    The musicians said the information was wrong as Nana Ampadu was suspended indefinitely from MUSIGA because of his association with a rival musicians union which was not affiliated with the former.

    In separate interviews they noted that Nana Ampadu’s association with the NPP had nothing to do with MUSIGA since he had the right to join any political party of his choice.

    They have consequently challenged Blakk Rasta to come out and prove his allegation that Nana Ampadu was sacked from MUSIGA because of his association with the NPP.

    Nana Kwame Ampadu and C.K. Morrison, former general secretary and welfare officer respectively of MUSIGA were suspended for forming a separate collecting society outside the union and for undermining the efforts of MUSIGA to form its own collecting society.

    The behaviour of the two, Beatwaves gathered, amounted to conflict of interest and a violation of Article 20, Section A and B of the MUSIGA constitution which prohibited members from joining other musician unions or collecting societies not affiliated to MUSIGA.

    Article 20, Section A of the MUSIGA Constitution reads: “No MUSIGA member shall be permitted to hold membership in any union of musicians not affiliated with MUSIGA, or in any other organisation, association of musicians or collecting society that has goals or engages in a pattern of conduct undermining or weakening the legitimate interest of MUSIGA.”

    Section B states: “Any members violating the provision of this section shall be subject to expulsion.”

    The musicians called on Blakk Rasta to cross-check his facts to avoid causing the management of his radio station any embarrassment.

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