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    "Wisa forgot himself." - Kofi Kinaata

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 27 January 2016 12:41| 0 Comments

    The #Susuka Hitmaker on what inspires him on stage while performing says "the wild reaction from the fans anytime he steps on stage gets him hyper to deliver more. And also gives him the challenge to put in more work so the fans can appreciate him more."

    In situations where the crowd are not somewhat responsive while he is on stage, Kofi Kinaata says "that also pushed him further to engage the crowd closer - it could be that it's the first time they're seeing him perform and are skeptic so he makes sure he gives his best to nail it and win more fanbase anytime he meets a totally new crowd from the stage."

    In a witty remark, Kofi Kinaata says "Wisa was carried away. He was overjoyed by the reception the crowd gave him on that first big stage he had. We don't have to blame him. Sometimes the reception you get from fans can make you go to the extremes. The brother was overwhelmed to the extent that he forgot himself at that moment and did that."

    Kofi Kinaata is known for witty comments on interviews and in his music. Nonetheless, he writes impeccable Fante, deep and rich lyrics for his songs. It is no doubt his fans call him the #FanteRapgod. Even though he is not the first Fante Rapper in Ghana, he has proved a lot on the sheets within this short period he shot into the limelight that his fans bestow that monicker on him.

    Kofi Kinaata has been very busy on the road for the past week promoting his new single #SweetiePie, a love song he's done purposely to wow the females - and he's achieving that a lot.

    On his TV interview with Ibrahim Ben-Bako, host of #TheRedCarpet on Multi TV, most of the fans who called in were 70% females who sang live on air to his new song #SweetiePie and his nationwide hit single #Susuka.

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