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    Exams ‘Cheating’ saga brought me respect - Grace Ashy

    by celebritytvgh.com
    posted Thursday, 11 February 2016 19:43| 1 Comments

    Renowned gospel/cheer song musician, Grace Ashley, has said that the story which broke off her purported exams cheating rather brought her respect than tarnishing her image.

    Speaking on AM Pluzz on Pluzz FM in Accra, she said that people of high-class sort to ‘favouring’ her when they got to know she was schooling.

    On whether she cheated or not, the musician said she will not comment on that till the Razz Newspaper (which first published the story) went to the Methodist University to gather evidence.

    “They [Razz Newspaper] did not do professional work. I would want them go back to the Methodist University to verify, write a proper report before I will comment on it. There was no need for me to respond to the report then because I was schooling. I have never cheated in exams,” she said.

    Meanwhile, Grace Ashy -a school proprietor, threw light on her school, Ghana Child Academy, which foot the fees of its students.

    “When I started the school I used to take fees. However, along the line, I realized that some students could not pay [their fees].

    “So, I made it a policy for every student to attend the school for free,” she said.

    Grace Ashy currently has 300 students and the first batch of students who completed the school are in level 300, at the University.

    She said she solely funds the school from her proceeds of shows she attend as a musician.

    She added that: “I let my teachers aware that our students are not paying fees. This, they [teachers] understand and accept the little they receive as salaries.”

    Grace advised the youth not to wait until age 40 before starting life. She, therefore, appealed for assistance to run the school.

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