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    Hiplife still reigns - Castro

    by Francis Addo, Daily Guide
    posted Tuesday, 20 January 2009 09:41| 6 Comments

    Photo: Ghana Music.comDespite claims of the imminent demise of hiplife due to perceived total takeover of the Ghanaian music industry by crunk music and hiphop music, Castro ‘the destroyer’, one of Ghana’s hiplife hit makers, thinks otherwise.

    Castro, known in private life as Theophilus Tagoe, in an exclusive interview with Beatwaves last Saturday at the Groove Zone Records Studio in Tema, said the music genre originated by Reggie Rockstone aka Hiplife Grandpapa was still in total control of the industry.

    This is because to him some of them who embraced hiplife right from when it started are still singing hiplife, citing himself as an example.

    “I don’t think hiplife is dying; hiplife is still reigning. Once we live, hiplife lives. There is no way hiplife is going to die while we don’t stop singing,” he told Beatwaves.

    However, Castro did not indicate if his next project would strictly be hiplife. According to him his next album would be “a mixture of Hiplife, Crunk, Reggae and Dancehall music.”

    Even though he did not disclose the title of the album, Castro said Ghana should watch out for hit songs like ‘Concentrate’, ‘Fakye’, ‘Medawase’, remix of ‘Eyemofe’ and other interesting songs. Ten songs would be on cassette while 12 would be on CD. “People should expect something big from me this time around. It is a different thing all together,” he added.

    Currently Castro has three albums to his credit, namely ‘Sradenam’, ‘Toffee’ and ‘Comm Center’, with the new single ‘Eyemufe’ enjoying considerable airplay. The next album would be his fourth. Before launching his debut in 2003 he had featured on hiplife group 4x4’s hit song “Siklitele” which outdoored him on the local music scene.

    His ‘Sradenam’ and ‘Toffee’ became favourite hits for many Ghanaians. On the ‘Comm Centre’ album one of the songs titled ‘Back and Front’ featuring KK Fosu also became a hit. He is likely to maintain the standard he has set. Just Watch out.

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